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White Fabric Gift Wraps


Introducing our White ReMade ReWrap Fabric Gift Wraps: ethically crafted from reclaimed fabrics, ready for your creative touch. Sustainable, reusable, and perfect for enhancing the joy of giving. Say goodbye to throw-away paper and hello to cherished memories with loved ones.

White Fabric Gift Wraps

ReMade ReWrap White Fabric Gift Wraps, the eco-conscious solution to elevate your gift-giving experience. Crafted ethically from 100% reclaimed fabrics, each wrap embodies sustainability and style.

Designed for your creativity to shine, these wraps are blank canvases awaiting your personal touch. Whether you prefer block printing, sun dyeing, or screen printing, these versatile wraps adapt to your preferred embellishment method with ease.

Unlike traditional wrapping paper, our ReWrap Fabric Gift Wraps are built to last, making them the perfect choice for eco-minded individuals. Embrace the joy of giving knowing that your gift wrap is not only beautiful but also sustainable.

With each use, these wraps become a cherished part of the gift-giving experience, ready to be passed on to friends and family, creating lasting memories for years to come. Choose our White ReMade ReWrap Fabric Gift Wraps and transform gift-giving into a sustainable and delightful tradition.

NOTE: Due to the nature of working with reclaimed textiles, every wrap is one of a kind, small imperfections and differences in shape, size, and colour may occur.

Reclaimed Fabric:

Textiles are sourced from Australia, Malaysia & Singapore before being sanitized and cut & sewn in Malaysia. By renting this product you have helped extend the fabric’s life and keep textiles out of landfill.


A tricky small business balancing act. Our little shop contains many products in all different shapes and sizes. We currently have postage set at a flat rate.  For the smaller items, we recommend you browse our store to find other items

Shipping & Packing:

All orders are shipped using reused packing where possible. We endeavor to dispatch orders within 12-24hrs. Local pick-up is available from our Creative Community Space, 61 Civic Drive, Greensborough