resource recovery centre

we curate a diverse collection of donated fabrics
and haberdashery items

a curated collection of revitalised textiles

from donation to delight

At our resource recovery centre in Creative Community Space, we curate a diverse collection of donated materials, breathing new life into preloved fabrics and craft products. 

Our vibrant shop in Greensborough is dedicated to giving donated items a second chance, reducing waste, and creating sustainable shopping experiences for our customers.

Like an op-shop for crafting essentials, each purchase at our shop not only promotes sustainability and community engagement but also grants customers a 20% discount on their next purchase with every donation.

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accepted donations

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We accept all usable textiles and fabrics excluding scraps

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All patterns are welcomed

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Many Craft Supplies:
Please provide details or
photos for consideration
before donation

At Creative Community Space, we’re on a mission to transform unused fabrics and haberdashery items from clutter to creativity. Our goal is simple: to reduce waste by giving new life to forgotten materials and to empower our community to reimagine the possibilities of their crafting supplies.

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swap and shop

refresh your
crafting stash sustainably

Join our circular community and swap your textiles and craft supplies. Visit our shop and bring up to 5 items from your stash that you no longer need. Whether it’s textiles, patterns, or crafting tools, we welcome contributions that are in good condition and suitable for reuse.

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hand in your unused craft supplies

Bring your unused craft supplies to our shop. We accept a variety of items, including fabrics, patterns, and selected crafting tools and supplies, provided they are in good condition and suitable for reuse. Each item you donate contributes to our mission of sustainability and reduces crafting waste.

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turn them into circular credits

For every item you hand in, we’ll assess and price them while you shop. You’ll receive circular credits equivalent to the ticketed price of the items you’ve donated. For instance, if an item sells for $6, you’ll receive 6 circular credits.

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pick your new items of joy

Once you’ve accumulated circular credits in your account, you can use them alongside cash to purchase items from our shop. Circular credits can be used for up to 50% of the sale price. Each credit is valued at $1, meaning if an item costs $6, you can use 3 credits and pay the remaining balance
in cash.

what are

circular credits

Circular credits are points you earn by donating textiles and craft supplies to us. These points can be redeemed to offset the cost of your purchases, allowing you to combine them with cash for payment. By utilising circular credits, you not only acquire new crafting materials but also play a vital role in promoting sustainability within the crafting community. Join us in revolutionising the way we shop and contribute to a more environmentally conscious approach, one donation at a time.

crocheting connections

community generosity

Our shop stock is a testament to the generosity of our community. With each donation, we’re able to expand our offerings and continue our mission of empowerment
and sustainability.

resource recovery centre community donations
resource recovery centre legacy

preserving the legacy

of deceased estate

At Creative Community Space, we understand the sentimental value attached to crafting supplies passed down from loved ones. Our dedicated team is committed to honoring these legacies by curating and preserving materials from deceased estates. By providing a respectful and sustainable solution, we ensure that these cherished items continue to inspire creativity for generations to come.

ready to breathe new life into your crafting supplies

here’s how you can join us



Clear out your cupboards and donate your unused fabrics and haberdashery items to Creative Community Space.



Exchange your materials through our swap program and discover something new for your next project.



Explore our collection and find the perfect materials for your creative endeavors.



Follow us on social media and join the conversation. Share your crafting stories, tips, and inspiration with
our community.

be a part of our

resource recovery centre

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter, a sustainability enthusiast, or someone looking to make a difference, there’s a place for you in our fabric family. Shop with purpose, donate with heart,
and together, 

let’s weave a brighter future for all,
contact us today



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get involved

Visit our shop at Melbourne Polytechnic, 61 Civic Drive, Greensborough 3088, and donate your preloved materials, or simply spread the word about our mission. Every stitch counts in our shared journey toward empowerment and sustainability.