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We provide a multifaceted community hub in Greensborough. Offering sewing classes, after school and holiday programs, and operate a resource recovery centre, all centred around fostering creativity and sustainability.

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Provides Creativity and Connection

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Learn to sew, mend & repair

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Divert textiles and items for landfills

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Promotes Sustainability

Embrace sustainable practices at the Creative Community Space. Learn valuable skills, and join a community that invites you to discover, cultivate, and contribute to a more eco-conscious and skillful way of living.

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Championing Sustainable Textiles in Greensborough: Meet Simone, Jodie, Katrina, and Fiona – Pioneering Change-Makers Driving Action Against Textile Waste.

We facilitate 

    • Learn to Sew Classes
    • Resource Recovery Centre
    • After School and School Holiday Programs

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A beautiful welcoming experience. Will continue to make this and loved every bit of it. Already worked out who will receive presents in the beautiful designs. Cannot wait to make more. A very big thank you


Can’t tell how important this is for kids (especially mine)!! The life skills they are learning is priceless and the smaller group size suits Flynn. He came home so fulfilled and nice and tired!!

I’m so grateful!!

And I’m telling the whole world about it.

Jodi - Flynn's Mum

sustainable textiles

learning and discovery

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sewing classes


Fostering connections and unleashing creativity our sewing classes are designed to equip participants with vital life skills, emphasising the art of mending, altering, and sewing.

The classes are uniquely crafted to integrate items sourced from our resource recovery corner, providing a hands-on and sustainable approach to learning.

swap shop

recovery centre


Our objective is to diminish the number of unused items in people’s cupboards and reintegrate them into circulation.

This initiative is geared towards promoting sustainability and reducing waste by providing a second life to overlooked products.

after school craft program

after school and holiday programs


Promoting camaraderie and sparking innovation, our after school and school holiday programs aim to cultivate essential life skills, placing a strong emphasis on the craft of creating, exploring,
and learning.

Our classes are thoughtfully tailored to incorporate materials sourced from our resource recovery corner.


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creative community space


Unleash your creative skills
in our sewing classes

Begin your journey by joining our Sewing Classes, where you’ll acquire essential life skills in mending, altering, and sewing.

Unlock your creative potential as you learn to breathe new life into fabrics and garments.


Contribute to sustainable practices at the
Resource Recovery Centre

Next, explore our Resource Recovery Centre, a hub for reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Bring in unused items, fabrics, and materials, contributing to the circular economy.


Embark on a creative journey with our School Programs

Experience the joy of learning in a collaborative environment, where projects serve as canvases for self-expression.

Join us in celebrating growth, collaboration, and discovery, creating a supportive space for young minds to thrive.

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creative community space

A hub for learning, discovery, and sustainable textile education

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